Summer Newsletter – Steady Progress

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We are well and truly into the season of long days and short nights with hopefully more being sunny and warm as we head through July and August!

Long hours are certainly being put into many aspects of the project with the result that we can update you on several areas of progress.

Planning Application –  Our architects and design consultants Design XY have done a fantastic job with detailed plans and recently submitted a pre-planning application. We now have the feedback from this and expect to submit a full planning application by the end of July. This is critical as we must have planning consent before we progress further with the purchase.

Support from our MP Lee Rowley –  We have now received a letter of support from Lee where he confirms that  “It is a pleasure to support the work of the Life Dronfield team to further enhance and strengthen the community within Dronfield” and “Life Dronfield will be an asset for the town and will fill a need which needs to be met”. A link to the full copy of the letter and details of other supporting organisations can be found on the new Supporters page on our website.

Bat Survey – We are currently waiting for the full report from our 3 month survey however we already know that a single pipestrelle roost has been found and a European Protected Species Licence will be required. We will do everything possible to protect these bats including the provision of a replacement roost if necessary.

Expertise Required – In anticipation of  moving forward with the purchase we would love to have someone with any kind of legal experience on our expanding team. If you are that person or you know of somebody who maybe able to help please contact us.

Fund Raising – We are already planning a Life Dronfield group to raise money running in the 2020 Dronfield 10k. and Fun Run. Shirts will be provided and help with entrance fees if required. If you’re up for, “a run for our life” please email Andy Evers at

Donations – We thank all those who generously support us financially on a regular basis. None of our plans would be possible without you and if you are not yet supporting us in this way and would like to consider it please have a look at our donations page.

Best wishes for the summer from all the team at life.

If you would like to download a PDF copy of the newsletter please click on the life logo at the top of the newsletter.

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