Ed Tomlinson

I’m  part of the core team and mainly focussed on communications including our website and newsletters. I’ve now been in Dronfield with my wife for 4 years and think it’s a brilliant town but sadly lacking in just the sort of community facilities that Life has been set up to provide. Having grandchildren now I’m particularly aware of facilities for toddlers and young children so I’m excited about seeing Life grow and take shape and what this will mean for the town.

I’m also a committed christian and part of the Leadership Team of Dronfield Baptist Church where you’re likely to see me with a box of tools fixing things.  I’m fully expecting to provide similar practical support to the Life project as it progresses. You may also see me buzzing around Dronfield in my cream coloured Austin A30 which is another one of my passions. If you do please give me a wave.