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The life team would like to wish all our friends and supporters a happy and joyful Easter.  Spring is now in full swing, new life is bursting out all over and our life project has a spring in its step to match.
Highlights from the last couple of months include; a very positive meeting with our local MP Lee Rowley, the commissioning of a whole raft of in-depth reports and surveys to support our planning application and ensure we don’t have any nasty surprises, an overwhelmingly positive response to our Community Needs Questionnaire and a new member of our core team Becky Taylor bringing some amazing catering and hospitality experience to the project. Most recently a meeting with the leadership teams of many churches in Dronfield is generating an increased level of support and commitment to life.

  • Meeting with our MP Lee Rowley – Andy Evers and Ed Tomlinson had a very positive meeting with Lee Rowley in Westminster. Lee recognised the positives life would bring to the community and the beneficial renovation of one of our historic buildings. He is providing a statement of support which will be very helpful as we approach grant giving bodies.
  • Community Needs Questionnaire – A big thank you to everyone who completed a questionnaire.  We had 596 returned split 60/40 online to paper and with good representation across all ages. There was overwhelming support from all groups for a safe structured community space to meet up with friends. The proposed free to use childrens play area and child friendly premises was strongly supported as were interest groups, lunches and advice services. If you would like to see a more detailed report and analysis please click on the following link, Questionnaire Results and Analysis
  • Additional Reports and Surveys – These include a detailed building survey and updated plans, a full CCTV drain survey, a report from a quantity surveyor and further reports on damp and the roof structure. These are necessary to support our planning application and to allow us to accurately cost the renovation and to minimise the risk of nasty surprises emerging later which could add cost and time to the project. In addition we have just commissioned a bat survey. This involves several visits over a couple of months and has to be complete before the planning application can be made. The earliest we can now make a planning application is therefore the end of June.
  • Catering Expertise – We are thrilled that Becky Taylor has now joined our core team as our Catering and Hospitality Professional. She has extensive hands on experience in the setting up and running of kitchens for restaurants. She will now be setting up and managing all aspects of our catering and hospitality provision.

Best wishes from all the team at life.

If you would like to download a PDF copy of the newsletter please click on the life logo at the top of the newsletter.

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