Christmas Newsletter December 2020

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As we are looking forward to Christmas, however we are enabled to celebrate it, we also look back at how
the year 2020 has impacted Life.
Covid 19 has indeed changed everything for so many, and it has been tough, tragic for thousands, and has
caused many of us to stop and reflect on what is important to us.

Those initial days of lockdown created some changes in Life’s personnel, and some re-evaluation of how to
become effective as a charity even when our plans for a community hub looked crazy. There are still long
days ahead and yet we feel that the need for Life is as vital as ever.

We see life fulfilling the need for a community space alongside other groups in Dronfield where there can
be befriending, meeting, socialising, skill sharing, workshops, classes, clubs, nutritious food; sharing
company, recreation, culture, food, drink, time; helping to build skills, confidence, wellbeing; reaching out
to all ages, to the socially isolated, to the busy but lonely, the disadvantaged and those looking for a
purpose, providing resources and community events.

To achieve this, as we said, we have tentatively started a few initiatives, such as preparing the Care
Packages, for which we have had a good community response, and hopefully there will be around 100
packages going out to socially isolated people around our area.

We are still hoping that when lockdown is relaxed somewhat, we can eventually hold our Safer Space Café
in Dronfield Baptist Church for people who have not felt able to mix so far. Bookings would need to be
made for this…..

And the detached youth work will hopefully start when we can organise the insurance, which is proving a
tedious process. Young people have been finding it difficult to come to terms with so much restriction, but
have done very well. We hope to reach out to them.

As we shared in the last newsletter, we have held a silent auction to raise some more funding towards the
building which raised £457.00 and are going forward with the plan to buy the Parish Halls. That is
dependent at this point on getting a loan to complete the purchase, so please think of us as that
application goes in hopefully this month.
The plan would be to have a phased renovation and to open up the space in parts so that the process is
not dragged out for ever. There will be much work to do.

We appreciate the fact that you are still with us and your thoughts turn to us and many of you have
continued giving. Our fervent hope is that the coming year will be a blessing to you all and wish you a Happy Christmas.

From the life trustees

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