August 21 Newsletter

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Important News about the Parish Halls.

Life Dronfield CIO are very pleased to announce that they have reached agreement with St John the Baptist Church, Dronfield to begin a long-term lease of their Parish Halls. Both St John’s and Life Dronfield will spend the next few months drawing up a full lease agreement with the expectation that Life Dronfield will begin renovations of the Halls as soon as possible.

Without the giving from individuals and churches over the past few years we would not be in such a good position to be able to start renovations as soon as details of the lease are finalised. Once again we thank and honour you for your faithfulness and for your trust in the project.
We hope that you can continue to support us as we start Phase One, which will involve  the original house at the front of the site. We shall be applying for grants for the other phases and would appreciate continued support and fundraising ideas.

We believe in and are thankful to have known many answers to prayer and if you pray too, we would ask you to please keep praying for us as we work through the very complicated process of renovation over the coming months.

Dronfield Market
Come and meet us on August 12th where Life will be running a stall at Dronfield market. The calendars we mentioned last month will be on sale. Start your Christmas shopping now while stocks last!
You will also be able to talk to us about the development and what you may possibly be able to do to help

How could you help?

  • Join the team of supporters who meet quarterly to discuss ways forward or become a Trustee (see below for details)
  • Step forward and help for an hour or two when we run a fundraising event
  • Provide food/toiletries etc. on the occasions we deliver parcels to the lonely and isolated
  • Help collect/package/deliver these items
  • Join our fundraising team and come up with varied ways in which we can raise awareness of what we do and ideas for fundraising
  • Help craft/make special event items for table top sales
  • Sponsor those who undertake challenges on our behalf
  • Design promotional literature
  • Offer your expertise in any of the above areas

There are currently 7 Trustees (meeting monthly) and 3 Supporters (meeting quarterly with Trustees) serving on our 5 committees as follows:-
Resources – dealing with Business and Finance
Grants – investigating and applying for grants
Fundraising – devising and organising fundraising activities
Operational – supporting the community, marketing, catering
Buildings – Renovation and maintenance

Contact Us

If you want to discuss any aspect of life further or arrange for a presentation on life from us then please contact one of the trustees or core team if you know them or Andy Evers in the first instance at  We’d love you to get in touch.

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